Efforts for the environment

We recognize that a response to increasingly serious global warming is an important issue shared by all humanity, are continuously engaged in reducing the burden on the environment and seeking harmony with the environment, and are actively promoting environmental conservation activities.
Based on this philosophy, to seek a reduction of the environmental burden in our Company product design, development, manufacturing, and sales, and in the accompanying service business activities, we have established environmental targets and activity plans, and built a system for periodic reviews and continuous reforms, and we promote autonomous and aggressive environmental conservation activities by all employees.

1. Strive to promote 5S activities and operation improvement proposals to improve productivity, reduce energy use volumes (electrical power, fuel), and cut the greenhouse gas emissions volume per unit of production volume.

2. Strive to improve environmental awareness, and cut the paper use volume.

3. Engage in 3R for waste products (reduce volumes, re-use, and recycle use).

4. Observe environmental-related laws and ordinances.

5. Enlighten all employees about environmental policies, environmental targets, and activity plans, and strive to improve environmental awareness.

6. Summarize efforts for the environment in environmental activities reports, and publically disclose them.

In July 2010, we obtained Eco Action 21 certification promoted by the Ministry of the Environment.
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We aim to coexist with local society. In order to address environmental issues, we established a twice-yearly woodland volunteering project in 2010.