Ethernet-compatible products

For railway cars, a connector and electrical coupler compatible with IEC11801 Category 5 is provided.

Transmission connector (Ethernet) Connector (EY Series)

Product characteristics
  • Bayonet lock mechanism can easily and firmly couple the transport wires (Quad wires).
  • With perfect waterproofing for superior vibration resistance and durability, and suitable for outdoors or working electrical wire utilizations.
  • Under Cat.5 standards, compatible with 100Mbps Ethernet.
Product outline drawing
Format EY6 EY7
Rated voltage (V)
Maximum current (A/pin)
Number of core wires 1 to 6 Quad 1 to 4 Quad
Waterproof performance iPX7 iPX7
type of contact Insertable Insertable
Coupling method Bayonet Bayonet
Suitable wiring conductor size (mm2) 0.32 (AWG22) to 0.75 0.32 (AWG22) to 1.25
Ethernet 100Bese-T IEC11801 Cat.5-compatible IEC11801 Cat.5-compatible
Number of detachable times 500 500
Characteristics High mounting efficiency Wire swing resistance
Main utilizations Equipment leads Equipment leads/Inter-car control circuit

Ethernet-compatible electrical coupler

Product characteristics
  • The electrical coupler can be mounted on the contact coupler, to couple and uncouple train consists and also connect and separate the railway car electrical circuits.
  • Can mount an Ethernet compatible with IEC11801 Category 5.